Culture or Style?

Culture or Style?

This year while out to dinner on New Year’s eve, I was struck by the wide variance of attire in a nice but not super fancy restaurant. To my right was a woman in a way to short, low-back, fully sequined dress with sparkly stiletto heels and a few others in super glitzy outfits. But more abundant also seemed to be the other range of the spectrum, hoodies!


How could there be such a divergence in one place and on New Year’s Eve, no less?

I have often stated that all places and occasions have an acceptable range of appropriate attire. And as much as I feel that you should be comfortable in your personal style, I  think that at this restaurant, on this occasion, this range really was the entire spectrum.

Oh, did you want to know what I was wearing? A sequined jacket with jeans.

Now the other two things I will note about this evening and the attire. It was literally 10 degrees out and when I went to the ladies room, I think I was the only English speaking person there.

So what is my point?

1) The cold weather had influenced my decision to wear boots instead of pumps, although others choose to still wear low back tops or super short dress.
2) The varying tourists made me think about what may be appropriate in other cultures.

Actually, even the culture of style can differ in as far as your neighboring state. Recently I went to visit a friend in Southern Jersey. Her house was super cold and she offered me a fleece sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers to hang around in. When it was time to go to dinner, I said, OK let me change back to my sweater and re-fresh my make-up. She said there was no need to. She was going out in her fleece. Of course, I was not leaving the house looking like that (and feeling like that) even though I was not going to see anyone I knew. When we got to the restaurant, it was filled with people in fleece and hoodies.

So bottom line, I absolutely believe in personal style. Some people may be a little more dressy and some people are a little more casual. The New Year’s Eve example was truly a little far example of the entire spectrum especially the too casual end.

Now let’s talk about YOU  How are you going to feel, look and show up in 2018?

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