The Flu Season – It Doesn’t Have to Be an Epidemic

The Flu Season – It Doesn’t Have to Be an Epidemic

“Mommy, I don’t feel well.”

No parent likes to hear those words from their sweet babies. Yet, without fail, the cold and flu season rolls around each year like clockwork. Being sick is never a fun thing to experience – especially when you’re a child.

As a parent you always want to make sure you are doing what’s best for your child. When they’re sick, sometimes that leaves us parents feeling helpless. We just want to make it go away.

We don’t subscribe to the flu vaccine in my household, so I like to look to more natural ways to fend off the yuckies.

Here are a few natural ways to stop the flu in its tracks:

  1. Increase the Vitamin C. It helps to boost their immune systems. For me personally, the second that I or one of my family members starts to feel sick, we eat Vitamin C like it’s going out of style. It’s amazing how it helps.
  2. Be sure your kids eat as healthy as possible. As a parent of teenagers, I know this can be a difficult task, but moms…just do your best.
  3. Lots of sleep. When your body isn’t well rested, your immune system drops and leaves an opening for those flu bugs to march in and take up residence.
  4. Stay hydrated. My kids are not fans of water, but I do my best to push as much as I can. (Crystal light helps!)
  5. Turn off those devices and get outside! Even this time of year, kids need to move. Take them to a trampoline park, or skating rink. Something to get those bodies off the couch and moving.
  6. Cut back on sugar. Replace those sugary snacks and cereals with healthier alternatives. (Check out Pinterest for ideas.)
  7. Of course wash hands, and stay away from those who are sick as much as possible.
  8. Stock up on Oscillo. A few years ago, I was turned on to a natural flu fighter, Oscillococcinum (Oscillo for short). When taken at the first hint of the flu, this miracle medicine can knock the flu out of you quickly.

The flu season doesn’t have to be something to worry about. Stay smart, stay healthy.

(For more natural remedies to combat the cold and flu season, check out Dr. Axe’s articles, 12 Natural Flu Remedies)

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