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As I predicted three years ago they are going to start working on bionic eyes and head transplants within the next two years and we will be hearing about how someone that is blind could see.
Wash your hands and sanitize them because I see a very bad viral virus that is going to be going around that is coming from another country again.There will not be a World War III and Trump is not getting impeached.

AQUARIUS – 1/21 – 2 /19

A `grief` period of emotional instability compels you to seek advice.
Major purchases for the home or new additions to your wardrobe in the second or third day of the week will fulfill you. Reducing your weight will help you improve your self image. Gains made based on your common sense is likely, so keep fantasizing now so you succeed.
Travel can help you a great deal. Socially, a hectic phase is foreseen. Don`t neglect family members this month, be accommodating. Money that you thought you lost will suddenly appear.


PISCES – 2/20 – 3/20

Social relationships, friendships, and supportive alliances are strengthened now. Your energy and your confidence are high and you can accomplish much in a harmonious flowing manner right now.
Communication along personal lines such as corresponding with a friend or even telephoning a relative are favored, so if you had a disagreement it will dissipate. Memories, thoughts of the past, or even fragments of dreams come into your mind. Your vitality and your personal impact on others is higher now and you’re likely to draw attention to yourself without trying.


ARIES – 3/21/ – 4/20

Hopefully you are discovering your power to gain the financial freedom you seek. You can trust that money for your efforts will come. Be conscious of your impulses and you must guard against being too aggressive, coming on too strong, or trying to force your own will and thereby arousing hostility in others. Also, frustrated desires and obstacles to achieving your aims can evoke enormous anger in you and you may do something harsh and regrettable. Conflicts and confrontations may be unavoidable, try to avoid situations which you know will evoke or irritate you.
Breathe and stay calm this month.


TAURUS – 3/21 – 5/21

Your fight for those less fortunate is not likely to end in sweet victory.
Avoid letting family get involved in your personal life. There is a good chance they won`t come back.
Be professional and you will advance much more quickly. Get together with friends and do something entertaining but not too expensive. You have a lot to offer. You may find yourself in a romantic situation, don`t jump too quickly to join anyone`s crusade. Spend your money wisely.
Help one in need as extra money will be coming in this month.


 GEMINI – 5/22 – 6/21

Think twice before you say something you regret later.
Much knowledge can be obtained through the experiences you had. Pamper yourself, the self esteem it brings you will be most gratifying. Your lack of interest in your partner is a problem. Your romantic inclination should lead to committed relationships. Ask a close friend for advice, if you cannot get away make plans to do something special with your friends or relatives.
Go get an eye examination. This is the month to make the changes, so act now.


CANCER 6/22 – 7/22

Love, pleasure, and other creative benefits are surrounding you again this month. You`re experiencing quite a lucky run because you still have the communication of the two most exciting planets heating up your horoscope. Their appearance guarantees many adventures or lusty exchanges are ahead, but this may turn out to be a fleeting type of energy flow, so possibly, a romance that begins now may be short-lived. Enjoy it while you can. This is a lucky time to play the lottery or invest your money in property stocks etc.


LEO – 7/23 – 8/21

It remains important that you give more than you receive at this point. Meeting interpersonal changes with understanding and integrity will go a long way now. This and changes close to home are getting your attention. The pace of the change will accelerate over the next few months. This will have a noticeable impact on your relationships. Getting mentally and emotionally ready is good.
Start to trust this flow and learn to work with it. It`s time to exercise and eat healthy.


VIRGO – 8/22 – 9/23

Spend time by yourself to avoid any conflict with family members. Unexpected visitors will be a welcome surprise.  Your self-confidence will attract members of the opposite sex.
Avoid any over indulgences. Be sure to double check the house on your way out.  Release and enjoy what you`ve accomplished when you`re finished.  Sudden changes regarding your circle of friends could prove interesting and stimulating.
You will find it easy to meet new people. Continue writing that book, it will be a best seller. If you are looking to invest in a home this is the time to do it. Follow your own intuition.

LIBRA – 9/24 -10/23

Take a logical approach when feuding with loved ones.
Romantic thoughts make you forget work pressures and focus on making your home life pure joy. Double check financial statements, you will discover a potentially costly
mistake. Take time out for yourself or plan a newer vacation to avoid a burnout. A creative project will get you rave reviews. A `VIP` will take a notice of this.
Not everyone will mean what they say, trust your own instincts meaning your own intuition.



SCORPIO – 10/24 -11/22

Uncertainties regarding your love life will surface if you have neglected your mate.
Be honest if you wish to solve the problem. Your added discipline will enable you to complete some of those unfinished projects. Do things you enjoy instead of being a chameleon. Listen and formulate your course of action. You will be indecisive. Changes regarding your career direction will pay off immensely. Sudden romantic encounters will set your head spinning. Old will come back into your life, but think twice.



SAGITTARIUS – 11/21-12/22

Opportunities arise for study. Do courses, or research, or read more. You may travel more and learn from foreign ideas and lifestyles. You benefit from a neighbor or sibling and the relations improve. It`s time to free yourself from self limiting past attachments. You get insight on how childhood events still affect you. You develop interest in spiritual matters or study metaphysics. Be clear in your communication…pay close attention to your dreams, they are showing your vision of reality.
This is the month to forgive and let go.



CAPRICORN – 12/23 -1/20

You have been on a slow boat to China or the life change equivalent thereof for sometime now.
You’re approaching a possible point of disembarkment. Prepare for the shift in choices and strategies. Tone up your diet, pay attention to well meant advice from cronies. It`s not the end of the world, it`s not the end of anything – it`s the beginning of a whole new life phase. It`s the beginning of what you`ve been holding out for. You`re closing a lot of doors and you`re opening a whole bunch of new ones, so finish what you start. Stop procrastinating.



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