The Daring Woman podcast showcases incredible women who have heartwarming stories to tell of their journey to becoming an empowered woman. Listeners not only get the sense that they are not alone in their journey, but also learn valuable information to grow as an individual.

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  • Jump Before You’re Ready, With Rukshana Triem February 7, 2018
    Too often in life we are afraid to try new things. We want to wait until everything is perfectly lined up. But what happens when you’re waiting, and life just keeps passing you by? Are you allowing fear to set the stage? To create your happiness? How can you move forward if you’re standing still? […]
    Daring Woman
  • Standing Out in a Sea of Virtual Assistants, With Regina Lewis January 31, 2018
    The virtual assistant industry is growing by leaps and bounds with new, Daring Women taking the plunge daily. How can you stand out in the sea of virtual business owners? Well you’re talking my language here. Having just celebrated my 10 year anniversary, I’ve learned a thing or two about building a strong, successful business. […]
    Daring Woman
  • Presenting Yourself With Style and Confidence, With Diane Pollack January 24, 2018
    First impressions are everything. You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Your wardrobe says so much about who you are. Your overall appearance says so much about who you are. Are you conveying the right message? In this episode, I bring in expert stylist, Diane Pollack, to give us some […]
    Daring Woman
  • Your Website Could Be Killing Your Business, With Carol Dunlop January 17, 2018
    Your website. Your business. These two entities are forever entwined. In fact, nowadays, if you have a business, it’s a given that you have a website. But here’s the thing, your website could be repelling potential clients instead of attracting them! Instead of being part of the machine that makes your business successful, your website […]
    Daring Woman
  • Time Management for Ambitious Women, With Carmen Reed-Gilkison January 10, 2018
    We know we have the power to create the lives we want, but there’s one restriction we all have in common – time. There are only 24 hours in a day, and our ambition leads us to pursue goals that require more than that. So, how do we maximize efficiency in the time we have? […]
    Daring Woman